I just came across a post about a bunch of lovely DIY (faux style) flowers – and one of them was almost exactly like the flowers I’d made for our centerpieces – using yarn pom poms!

They chose to use twigs for the stem instead of floral wire (like I did) and used just one color – soooo lovely.

You can see the full post from ReadyMade about modern DIY flowers here. (could be a really fun project right in time for Valentine’s day too)

How-to instructions on these little twig versions here.

And if you’d like to make pom pom blooms similar to mine, just use floral wire for the stem – which I bought in large batches online at Save-On-Crafts.com or you can find little 10-12 packs at Michaels or Hobby Lobby – perfect single bouquet size. I’d recommend 16 or 20 gauge to hold the weight of the poms. Then loop one end of the wire around the yarn’s slipnot (used to hold the poms together) and voila! you have a pom pom bloom!

You can also make your very own yarn pom poms. Just follow these easy instructions from helloknitty [PDF Download]. Or you can purchase a pom pom maker from Clover. And note to you all, I did NOT hand make all my yarn pom poms, yikes – I bought mine in batches from a seller on etsy. It was crazy enough hand assembling every wire bloom. Though I’m really excited to try it out now with all the scrap yarn I have leftover from knitting projects. What a neat way to customize with various types of yarn!